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Protect Your Building from Viruses with Our Disinfection Services

In the wake of the current pandemic, it has become important to ensure the safety of ourselves as well as people around us. One of the significant ways of keeping the invisible enemy at bay is to sanitize and disinfect everything around us. It includes not only our houses and offices but also our buildings.

The buildings are frequented by many people; thus, for ensuring the safety of everyone in the building, sanitization is crucial so you can prevent the spread of infection.

We at Ezee Cleaning Solutions can help in disinfection of your building. Our experienced and certified technicians offer the best building disinfection services at cost-effective rates. We have the right equipment and disinfectants that enable our team to cover bigger areas in a short period of time. Within a few minutes, the entire building can be sanitized. We make use of different ways of sanitization such as spray and fogging so that every surface, equipment, and corners get covered. Whether it is walls, doors, windows, or lift, our technicians sanitize everything.

Key features of our services are:

  • Evaluation and testing
  • Quality products and equipment
  • Training 
  • Monitoring and compliance

We can help in achieving 99.99% bacteria and virus free surrounding by covering even difficult to reach areas. Yet another benefit of our services is that our treatments are applied quickly and efficiently. It guarantees minimal downtime of your establishment or facility. Our products have very low toxicity ratings, and they don’t contain harmful chemicals. This ensures optimum safety for everyone.

Our services are affordable and less expensive than the cost of an outbreak. It is just like an investment that you make for the protection of people living in the building against the dreadful virus.

If you are seeking services of building disinfection company, connect with our team. Please book an appointment with our representative so that they can visit your building and offer an estimate for our service. We offer disinfection services for all types of buildings which includes office buildings, residential buildings, commercial buildings, municipal buildings, government buildings, and other places that are regularly frequented by people. 

5 Years experienced Team in Disinfection,
Sanitization & Cleaning Services

At Ezee Cleaning Solutions our mission is to fight the modern day threats with latest technology, equipment and best services to keep you , your family and business safe. we are first in Iowa to offer disinfectant spray services, we are not a janitorial company, our mission is keep your home, office and business safe from any kind of viruses, bacteria and germs.

We only use the best equipment and EPA approved disinfectants. our service is quick and fast we can spray 3000 sq feet in less then an hour. available 24/7 to respond.

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Our Process

Easy and fast way to get your self protected


We test & Survey for Possible Infections


We will Provide an estimate & you sign agreement


We fix the date & time for the Cleaning


We Spray Clean & do the Quality Job

Residential Pricing & Estimate

Pricing is based on average estimates, however it may vary based on special Requests, distance at location or urgent requirement & more

Upto 600 SQFT

199 $ was $ 229
1BHK upto 600 Square Feet

Upto 800 SQFT

299 $ was $ 339
2BHK upto 800 Square Feet

Upto 1200 SQFT

399 $ was $ 459
3BHK upto 1200 Square Feet

Upto 3000 SQFT

599 $ was $ 699
for Condo, Homes
for more than 3000 Sq. Feet Please call for estimate. +1 (563) 529-2439

Commercial Pricing & Estimate

Pricing is based on average estimates, however it may vary based on special Requests, distance at location or urgent requirement & more

2000 to 25000 SQFT

0.30 $ Per Square Feet
2000 to 25000 Square Feet

25000 to 50000 SQFT

0.25 $ Per Square Feet
25000 to 50000 Square Feet

50000 to 100000 SQFT

0.20 $ Per Square Feet
50000 to 100000 Square Feet

for more than 100000 Sq. Feet

Please call for estimate
we will give you estimate after property visit
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